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Sexy Italian actress Francesca Bracchino was the star attraction of this theatrical version of Richard III. She teasingly does a naked stage strip for this scene, first revealing her huge breasts before getting totally nude allowing the lucky live audience to see her pussy.

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Amateur actresses get nude on stage

I love amateur dramatics with nudity in it. There’s nothing sexier than seeing a regular girl getting nude on stage. It’s great for nude broadway actresses too, but amateurs are more vulnerable. In this clip a naughty audience member films the performance on his camcorder, giving millions of internet surfers the chance to see some naked amateurs onstage.

To see the professionals doing it, watch this nude ballet clip or this nude opera video.

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Check out these pics of sexy girls taking their clothes off to perform nude roles at the theatre. Don’t you just love onstage nudity!

A hot lady is naked at the theatre

A hot lady is naked at the theatre

On stage nude in a play

On stage nude in a play

An actress performs naked at the theatre

Performing naked at the theatre

German hottie gets nude onstage at the theatre

The Germans have a dedicated theater channel on their TV network which broadcasts plays from their national theatre, so there’s lots of chances to see women naked on the stage even if you can’t make it to the live performance to sit in the audience.

I wish I’d been in the audience on this night to see busty babe Alexandra Hilverth undress as she acted in ‘Merlin’ and have her breasts rubbed right in front of me – I envy the lucky bastards in the front row!

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